Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why I started a blog

I have reached a point in my life where I need to make my Arts pay the bills – as a minimum return. The blog is one tool I shall employ to make this happen.

Its uses are manyfold:

* Communication with other Artists and those interested in the Arts;

  • Giving back to the generous Arts community by sharing my experiences and knowledge.
  • Demonstrating how I have deliberated, made decisions and progressed on my path to fame.
  • Sharing my approach to making it in the Arts (yes, I do realise that is ambiguous and I mean both definitions).

* Communication with the outside world, where my clients are located;

  • To let people know there is an Artist named Jenni Ivins.
  • To demonstrate the genres in which I work.
  • To show and market my skills.
  • So people know who to approach should they have a query or project for which they’d like to use my abilities.
  • To promote and sell my work, as appropriate.

In brief, my talents include a fine aptitude in:-

Writing; Illustration; Photography; Singing; Performance; Drafting; Desktop publishing; Motivation; Marketing; Remedial reading; other...

Thanks for visiting again.