Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Initial Post

This may be a small step for blogging in general, but it is a huge leap for me. As I am learning about blogging at CCLC as I create this post, the content may not be of interest to many, but it serves a purpose on my path.

I have chosen Veranda because I forgot to bring the glasses I use for computer work and this font is easy on the eyes - probably not a bad thing for those who will read my blog. I want it to be reader friendly.

I can change the characteristics of the font eg bolding and italics. I have learnt about adding a picture - and keeping it legal - I respect the copyright of other creators. Likewise I hope others will respect my copyright. If you see something on my site that you would like to use, please ask for my permission and give details of what you have in mind. Chances are that I shall agree.

Now I shall add a link. hmm... What shall link to? I know! I shall link to the 3CR radio station site. This Thursday (15th of April) at 9 am I shall be reading my poetry and in conversation with Rhonda Jankovic on the Spoken Word program. The link is: 3CR streaming

I hope you enjoy it if you tune in at the time. I also hope you have enjoyed my first blog. The lesson has passed very quickly, but I have found it easy to use - and fun! Thanks for joining me.


  1. Interesting that we have a new verb in the English language - To blog.

    Broadly it means to write and thereby to send one's thoughts out into the ether. A bit like casual verbal comments but cast into the written word. Me thinks twould be fun if I actually had anything to say. Cheers For now Jenni. Hope you enjoy your blogging

  2. How exciting, Jenni! Well done, and all the best with it.